September sees more than 600,000 electricity switches

That’s a 10% increase compared to the same time in 2018

More than 600,000 electricity customers switched suppliers in September, a 10% rise from the same period last year.

A total of 603,400 customers moved to a different supplier, bringing the total number of electricity switches to more than 4.7 million so far this year.

That’s an increase of 11% on the same time in 2018 when a record 5.8 million customers switched suppliers.
The data reveals out of all the switches in September, 34% were from larger to small and mid-tier suppliers, 16% from small and mid-tier to larger companies, 23% between larger suppliers and 27% between small and mid-tier firms.

Lawrence Slade, Chief Executive at Energy UK said: “It is brilliant to see that every month more and more consumers reap the benefits of increased competition.

“Customers, whatever their circumstances, can benefit from checking their tariff so if you’re concerned about your bill going into winter, pick up the phone to your supplier and see if you’re on the best deal – or have a look at what other offers are available in the market.

“Just as importantly consumers can save more on their energy bills by getting a smart meter and making their house more energy efficient, which will also reduce their carbon footprint and help tackle climate change.”

Source EnergyLive