SuperFOIL Insulation Installer Training Course


Course Overview:

SuperFOIL Insulation Installer Training Course

Train to install the innovative new insulation SuperFOIL

SuperFOIL is a high tech multi-layer foil insulation solution ideal for roofs, walls, floors and many custom designs. The range of insulation products is unbeaten in both performance and value.

SuperFOILs LABC registered system approval streamlines the building regulations application process, saving you time and money.

This course is ideal for builders and insulation installers who would like to increase their knowledge about new products.

The benefits of this course are:
The course will provide delegates with the knowledge and expertise to install this innovative insulation product SuperFOIL insulations are a leading edge product in the UK.

You will be able to install a product which easily complies with LABC requirements and is simple to install.

What you can expect from this course:

Our course provides you with full practical, and technical guidance on how to install this innovative insulation product.

We will run through different applications of the insulation from pitched roof to flat roof including different installation techniques.

The training will take place in our high specification facilities where you will have hands on training with the insulation.

In summary you will cover:

-A detailed background of insulation, why it is required, uses etc
-An introduction to the SuperFOIL range of innovative products.
-A thorough guide to the correct installation of SuperFOIL insulation.

Practical overview

SuperFOIL Insulation Installer Training Course practical overview:

There will be a practical assessment where you will be able to get hands on experience with various SuperFOIL products including SF40 (deluxe insulation for roofs, lofts and walls), SFUF (multifoil insulation for solid and suspended floors) and SF19BB (Thermal Insulation for roofs, lofts and walls).


£270+vat per course.

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Theory overview

You will be given an introduction to the product range an why they are used in the construction of properties. This will include a comparison to existing insulation products and how SuperFOIL compares to them.

You will be given an introduction to RK and U Values. SuperFOIL provides properties with excellent U Values due to its unique construction. We will run through how it compares to more traditional insulation products.