F-gas course CITB refresher vs City & Guilds 2079 Level 2 (Cat 1)

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F-gas course CITB refresher vs City & Guilds 2079-11 (Category 1) Handling ‘F’ Gases and ODS Substances Refresher Training Course.

For engineers holding a CITB J-11 course which is nearing expiry, we offer two options. You can take the CITB refresher course to update your current qualification, or take the evergreen City & Guilds 2079-11 course. You will need to retake the CITB refresher every 5 years or you can instead take the City & Guilds, which has no expiry date. Please see below for an outline of both courses.

F-gas course CITB refresher course overview:

This F-gas course CITB refresher course has been developed to provide existing or past* CITB CAT 1 (J11) certificate holders with either a CITB refresher course of the J-11 qualification OR a full City & Guilds 2079 Category 1 Qualification. 

With this refresher Category 1 certificate holders will be able to carry out all F-Gas related activities.

*Providing the CITB certificate expired 6 months or less from your chosen course date.

Who Is This Course For:

This is aimed at those with the expired CITB CAT 1 J11 qualification who currently work within the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry who need to meet the legal requirements for working with fluorinated gases (F-Gases), and other ozone depleting substances.

City & Guilds 2079-11 is an evergreen qualification and does not require renewal.


We encourage you to choose the course that most fits your requirements based on the information provided above. If you require advice or guidance on your choice, please call us on 01225 667 697. 

Course price

Prices are variable, please call

Course duration

CITB refresher: 2 days


City & Guilds 2079-11: 5 days

Course overview

CITB Refresher Training Course:

Course details:

Day 1

The first day is purely theory based aimed at refreshing delegates on the following areas:

System differentials

How to use and interpret the pressure enthalpy (Mollier) chart

Introducing you to the updated protocols and regulations

Introducing you to the new “Equivalent tonnes of Carbon Dioxide” (EtCO2) calculations

New requirements for the leak check frequency

The introduction of new refrigerants, their impact, and hazards.

Day 2

The second day will be mostly practical assessments including:


Pressure testing



Leak testing, and recovery.

The F-Gas course CITB refresher day will end with a closed book online assessment