F-Gas News: “Carbon dioxide stocks not yet back to normal” warn refrigerant suppliers

Customers are warned that refrigerant supplies are still in process of recovering after midsummer crisis

Refrigerant suppliers have warned that carbon dioxide stocks have still not fully recovered after the midsummer ’CO2 crisis’ across UK applications. Gas processors are reported to be still bringing their volumes up to normal levels after a ‘perfect storm’ of maintenance shutdowns and high summer demand for applications such as carbonated drinks and beer saw CO2 stocks run virtually dry.

In turn, most refrigerant suppliers say they are still being rationed and thus are themselves still in ‘stock recovery mode’, having to manage their supply chains accordingly.

As a result, some say they are able to supply customers only for specific projects rather than for stocking. ”We are currently selling product quicker than we can replenish stocks,” said one supplier, “So the advice remains not to panic-buy, but only to order what is required for current jobs,”

The low-stocks situation is expected to continue for several more weeks.

Source: RAC plus