F-Gas News: Daikin launches packages with R410A refrigerant prices fixed till March 2019

AC giant says ‘Commission With Confidence’ packages aim to bring stability and confidence to the market

Daikin Airconditioning UK has unveiled a brace of service packages that will guarantee the cost of R410A refrigerant till 31st March 2019, when purchased together with its new VRV systems.

The ‘Commission With Confidence’ packages aim to bring stability and confidence to the market, the manufacturer says, in the midst of turbulent price increases as a result of F-Gas quota restrictions.

Daikin says that the fact it is the only AC manufacturer that also produces refrigerant gas makes it able to guarantee the supply of R410A refrigerant trim charge as part of a commissioning package for a set fee. This it says will give its customers ‘ultimate confidence from tender to installation of a VRV system’.

Mark Dyer, Commercial Director of Daikin UK said, “This is an exciting move for our organisation and the industry as a whole. Our aim is to contribute to the stability of the HVAC market by helping to protect our customers’ businesses from soaring refrigerant prices. We hope this will give our customers confidence that they can commission VRV systems throughout 2018 and into 2019 without worrying about fluctuating installation costs.”

The Commission With Confidence packages come in two versions;

Standard, including R410A trim charge and on site commissioning support
Premium, including R410A trim charge, commissioning support and cloud services

Source: RAC plus