F-Gas News: Greek association joins AREA in push to expand cooling expertise

The Hellas Union F-Gas group will now take part in collaborative projects with its European peers to share expertise and tackle training and environmental challenges

European contractors’ association AREA has announced that the Greek Association of Certified and Licensed Engineers and Technicians of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems has become a member of the organisation in a move intended to step up collaboration on key industry issues.

The Hellas Union F-Gas (Hufgas) group, which represents 220 members from across Greece, has focused on supporting its members over a range of challenges such as training and environmental considerations/

AREA president Marco Buoni said he welcomed Greek representation within the association in order to share their expertise with other European associations.

He said, “Although it is a young association, Hufgas is already well established and recognised and very dynamic. I am sure that the collaboration with AREA will be extremely mutually beneficial.”

Thanos Biris, the current president of the Greek association said membership of AREA, was intended to open new opportunities for the cooling industry in the country.

Mr Biris said, “We in Hellas Union F-Gas are a new and fast-growing association, which gives a lot of interest, and of course efforts in training, certification and whatever is needed in our sector for the technicians.

He added, “We have decided as the Hufgas board to join AREA and get involved in working groups, task forces and be in general in close contact with companies and contractors of the HVAC family.”

In total, 19 out of the 28 current EU member states are now represented within AREA as a result of the announcement. AREA now has representation from 26-member associations across 22 countries.

Source: RAC plus