F-Gas News:Tesco commits to 2020 total renewable energy shift for entire London estate

Retailer has joined ten other companies to commit to introducing stricter lower carbon approach to its operations in the capital

Tesco is among eleven companies that have entered into a partnership with Mayor of London Sadiq Khan to reduce their carbon emissions and switch to using 100 per cent renewable energy for all property in the capital by 2020.

The supermarket chain is joining companies such as Sky, Siemens and Derwent London in the new London Business Climate Leaders group that will commit to new approaches to construction and energy needs to help authorities in the capital meet ambitious environmental targets.

The formation of the group has been announced on the back of the publication of the mayor’s environmental strategy for London earlier this year.

Members of the group will commit to purchase 100 per cent renewable electricity for their London estates within two years, while also committing to set out energy efficiency targets for these same sites for 2020, 2030 and 2050. These targets are intended to support efforts for all buildings in the capital to go zero carbon by 2050.

Sadiq Khan has said that the commitments were intended to speed up requirements to make the capital a zero-carbon city.

He said, “This network is a great example of how cities and businesses can come together to take bold action on climate change. Not only are these businesses committed to renewable energy, clean transport and reducing waste, they’re also committed to working together to achieve results as quickly as possible.”

“The private sector accounts for a large part of London’s emissions. For example, 40 per cent of London’s greenhouse gas emissions come from workplaces. As such, it is vital that the sector acts to tackle climate change.”

All of the companies involved with the group have also committed to disclose emissions from operations in London as of this autumn. A wider national commitment for all businesses to reveal their emissions will come into effect from April 2019.

The announcement of the commitments has been made ahead of the first London Climate Action Week that is scheduled to run from July 1 to 8 next year. The event will be used to showcase lower carbon initiatives across the capital.

Source: RAC plus