F-Gas Software


Are you a HVACR contractor or distributor looking for an F-Gas Software solution to track your cylinder stock, generate reports that enable you to comply with F‑Gas regulations and provide added value which you can pass on to your customers?

If so, please call GTO on 01275376600 or email sales@gastrakonline.com to request a demo and please quote F10G%8A9@S to ensure that you receive your special F-Gas Software 10% discount from the F-Gas Register.

Barcode scanning

Dealing with cylinder barcodes is easy when using the F-Gas Software, simply use a scanner to record any cylinder movement such as stock receipt, return, sale, and branch transfer.

Note: any scanner type can be used such with the F-Gas Software as wireless, USB…

View Expected Stock

Customers who are supplied by A‑Gas can view a Distributor Expected Stock report with the F-Gas Software which will show you all the cylinders that are in transit to your premises or waiting to be receipted into your branch.

Once the cylinders arrive simply use the stock receipt function in the F-Gas Software and scan the cylinder into your stock. Don’t worry if you’re not supplied by A‑Gas simply scan and add ANY suppliers’ cylinders manually.

About us

The F-Gas Register is the online home and application portal for the Quidos F-Gas company & sole trader certification scheme, as appointed by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) under the 2015 no310 UK Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations.

The F Gas Register is the leading F-Gas company & sole trader certification body in the UK and we provide the lowest cost full F-Gas company & sole trader certification in the UK.

F-Gas company & sole trader certification is an EU wide regulation. As well as the UK, we also provide company & sole trader F-Gas certification to Spain, France, Germany & Italy and all other European countries.

We also provide a range of training courses, including our City & Guilds 2079-11 Category I, Level 2, for F-Gas fluorinated gases and ozone depleting substances.

What's more

There are no additional costs for updating your F-Gas company details or reissuing your F-Gas certificate.

If you have lost your F-Gas certificate, just let us know & we will send you another one. You can also download your F-Gas certificate as many times as you like from our system for no additional cost!

Distributor software

F-Gas Software includes;

Cylinder fleet tracking
Cylinder rental
Enterprise & branch level logons
Reporting Tools
Customer cylinder web portal

Contractor software

F-Gas Software includes;

Cylinder fleet tracking
Job management tool
F-Gas reporting
Asset Management system

Cloud based software

All of your F-Gas Software data is stored in the cloud guaranteeing you 100% data security and real time data.

Receipt and Return Cylinders

GTO provides a two-step process for operation which means cylinder movements from location to location need to be receipted into GTO at its destination.

Whether the cylinder has been delivered from A‑Gas or transferred from another branches stock the process of receipting will allow cylinder to appear in stock.

Conduct Inter-Branch Transfer

The F-Gas Software gives users the availability to transfer cylinders between branches. Traditionally refrigerant distributors struggle to record inter-branch transfers leading to cylinder records getting lost. Use the Distributor Stock Transfer function to transfer cylinders to other branches and even track the cylinder whilst in transit.