F Gas vehicle stickers

F Gas certified? why not shout about it!

All new F Gas certified F Gas Register members receive x1 free F Gas certified vehicle logo sticker.

Use it anywhere, your vehicle, or your office. You can also order additional F Gas Certified vehicle logo stickers.

Our high quality F Gas certified stickers are waterproof & scratch resistant.

IMPORTANT: Please note that you can only purchase F-Gas certified stickers for your business if you are already a F-Gas company certified with The F-Gas Register. Please check before you buy! You will need to include your F-Gas registration number when you reach the checkout form.

Please note, we DO NOT offer refunds for mistakenly purchased stickers.


Large f gas stickers

Medium f gas stickers

Sizes available

We have x2 F Gas logo sticker sizes available;

Medium: 150mm width, 105mm height

Large: 250mm width, 175mm height


150mm Wide, 105mm High

Pack of 2: £4.50+vat

Pack of 4: £9.50+vat

Pack of 6: £15.50+vat

Pack of 8: £21.50+vat

Pack of 10: £27.50+vat


250mm Wide, 175mm Height

Pack of 2: £7.50+vat

Pack of 4: £12.50+vat

Pack of 6: £18.50+vat

Pack of 8: £24.50+vat

Pack of 10: £30.50+vat

Please note

Please allow approximately 2-3 weeks for your F Gas Certified stickers to arrive with you.